Kidco Safety

For over 18 years, KidCo has been bringing top quality, award-winning products to the juvenile product market. Kidco’s pioneer work in safety gate engineering, along with their commitment to excellence, have set them apart as the gold standard in child and pet safety. Kidco products are designed and engineered in their Denmark facilities. Which Safety Gate is Right for Me?

To order or replacement parts, please call 800-553-5529

The KidCo line has evolved over the years and now includes categories such feeding and sleep safety as well as travel and home safety. The Kidco Peapod travel bed is a great accessory and the perfect on-the-go solution for young children. Kidco offers a full line of home safety products that help parents child-proof their homes. Each patented product offers features and qualities not found in competitor products and are all intended to reinforce the safety of our children.